Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Mega Customer Center (https://megacustomercenter.com) is the online platform set up by the company MEGACC (Mega Customer Center) SPRL, which is the platform’s parent company, whose head office is located at Bvd du Patrice Lumumba in Bujumbura Town Hall, Burundi. This platform allows sellers to advertise (advertise) their products and services; we do not accept other ads outside of commerce.

The purpose of these “general conditions of use” is to define the rules of use and access to the mega customer center platform for the good collaboration between the owners of the site and its users.


MEGACC is the first user of megacustomercenter.com, uploading its products for sale.

In addition to MEGACC, we can cite as users:

Researcher or buyer of products or services
Seller of products or services

A) Buyer or researcher of products or services

It is the one who seeks information related to the product or services to satisfy his need. The customer is only required to create an account on the platform when he needs to purchase the product or pay for a service on the platform. In this case he is registered on megacustomercenter.com as his permanent user.

B) Seller of products or services

MEGACC offers anyone who wants to find customers online a space to sell their products and services. The seller must have a seller (owner) account on the platform before doing any selling activity. Once their products are already on the platform, customers can contact the seller directly for clarifications secondary to those they have seen on the product store or service announcements on the platform. Customers can make a purchase of products or pay for a service published by the seller through the platform.

C) Advertiser

Are those who take advantage of the site’s audience to announce / publish their activities: Products / Goods for sale, services to be rendered, job offers, etc. No online payment option is available to customers for this type of activity, customers can simply contact them or respond to their ads by contacting the advertiser, available on the mega customer center platform.

SELL AND BUY ON megacustomercenter.com

  1. Sales and Purchases

As we mentioned above, MEGACC offers online sales advertising space for partner sellers (who have seller accounts on our platform). On megacustomercenter.com, there are two parts of advertising space, one for products (online store), the other for services (ads)

The products are varied in different categories and are sold in store, personalized for each seller. The store must be clearly identifiable by customers. In the case of downloadable products, such as files, the owner must be a clearly identifiable person for the beneficiaries of these activities (full address as provided by MEGACC). Customers or buyers can give notice of one or the other product (reviews) so that the audience has an idea of ​​the qualities or defects of the product posted by the seller.

The services are accessible through the option of Listings. We can cite as services:

various reservations
advertisements (goods for sale and rent, job offers, events, etc.)
As with products, we have another advertising page for services. The sale of services is also done by someone who has already created a seller’s account on our platform and who has services specific to him or by affiliation, but with very clear identifications (physical address, contact). To do this, the mega customer center administrator must analyze a new ad before it is published to avoid unnecessary and fraudulent advertisements in order to maintain the trust of the site to the audience.

Ads without payment options to customers are published after the advertiser has paid an advertising fee, and the advertisement has a fixed expiration period, after which the advertiser can renew their advertisement. Ads with online payment options for customers are published free of charge; these are the reservations.

  1. Conditions of sale and purchase

The seller who places his products or services on our platform has the right to receive online payments from his customers for his activities. The platform manager can accept a form of partnership between himself and the seller by signing a partnership contract, but this is not mandatory because it is assumed that, by registering on the mega customer center and putting his products on the market