Terms and Conditions 2

Terms and Conditions 2

Terms and conditions of use of the Mega Customer Center website


Mega Customer Center (https://megacustomercenter.com) is the online platform set up by MEGACC Company (Mega Customer Center), which head office is located in Bujumbura City Hall, Burundi. This platform allows sellers to advertise and sell their products and services; other advertisements outside the trade are not accepted.

These “general conditions of use” are intended to define the rules of use and access to the mega customer center platform for good collaboration between the owners of the site and its users.


MEGACC is the first user of the website https://megacustomercenter.com, putting its products and services online for sale online.

In addition to MEGACC, the following users can be mentioned:

1. Buyer or researcher of products or services (Customer or visitor)

2. Seller of products or services

3. Advertiser

a. Buyer or researcher of products or services

He is the one who seeks information related to the product or services to satisfy his need. This one is only obliged to create an account on the platform when he needs to purchase the product or pay for a service on the platform. In this case he is registered on megacustomercenter.com as his permanent user.

b. Seller of products or services

MEGACC offers anyone who wants to find customers online a sales space for its products and services. The seller must have a seller (owner) account on the platform before doing any selling activity. Once its products are already placed on the platform, customers can directly contact the seller for secondary clarifications to those they have seen on the product store or service announcements on the platform. Customers can make a purchase of products or pay for a service published by the seller through the platform.

c. Advertisers

Are those who take advantage of the audience of the site to publish their activities: Products/Goods for sale, services to be rendered, job offers, etc. No online payment option is available to customers for this type of activity; customers can simply contact them or respond to their ads through their contacts available on the mega customer center platform.

3. SELL AND BUY ON megacustomercenter.com

1. Sales and Purchases

As we mentioned above, MEGACC offers online sales advertising space for partner sellers (who have seller accounts on our platform). On megacustomercenter.com, there are two parts of advertising space, one being reserved for products (online store), the other for services (ads and reservation).

a. Products

The products are varied in different categories and are sold in store, personalized for each seller. The store must be clearly identifiable by customers. In the case of downloadable products, such as files, the owner must be a person clearly identifiable for the beneficiaries of its activities (full address as provided by MEGACC). Customers or buyers can give opinions to one or the other product (reviews) so that the audience has the idea about the qualities or defects of the product published by the seller.

b. Services

Services can be accessed through the Listings menu on the product homepage. We can cite as services:

– Various reservations

– Announcements (properties for sale and rent, job offers, events, etc.)

As with products, we have another advertising page reserved for services. The sale of services is also done by those who have already created a seller account on our platform and who have their own services or by affiliation, but with very clear identifications (physical address, contact). To do this, the administrator of mega customer center must analyze a new ad before it is published to avoid unnecessary and fraudulent advertisements to keep the site trusted by the audience.

Ads without payment options to customers are published after the payment of advertising costs by the advertiser, and the advertisement has a fixed term of expiration, after this period the advertiser can renew his advertisement. Ads with online payment options for customers are published free of charge; such are reservations.

2. Terms of Sales and Purchases

a. Sale

The seller who puts his products or services on our platform has the right to receive online payments from his customers for his activities. The manager of the platform can accept a form of partnership between him and the seller by signing a partnership contract, but this is not compulsory because it is assumed that, by registering on mega customer center and putting his products on the market of the platform, the seller accepts the general conditions of use of the site.

Here is what the seller must do for his activities on mega customer center:

– Ensure the quality of its products or services for its interest to maintain trust with its customers and the administrator of the platform;

– Giving clarifications for its activities when asked questions by customers in relation to its activities;

– Be in good collaboration with the site administrator and his customers,

– Facilitate the delivery of products or provide services in good faith to its customers according to the prescriptions governing its activities.

b. Purchase

The customer has the free choice to make a purchase of a product or pay for an online service on Mega Customer center. Here are the reasons why you can make an online purchase:

– When the product or service is payable online only, according to the preferences of the seller,

– The product or service may be in reduced or limited quantity, and the customer urgently needs the product or service, at which time he can reserve it by paying online in advance;

– Case of downloadable products such as files (books, videos,) sold on mega customer center

– When the seller makes home deliveries, the customer can purchase a product online for time management.

Mega Customer Center uses automatic means of payment, which means that for each payment made, three people must be notified of this payment by email, these are: the platform administrator, the seller and the customer.

The amount paid by the customer when purchasing the product or paying for a service is not received directly by the seller. The latter can recover it at any time after having completed the delivery of the product to the customer in good compliance with the publication made.

For online purchases, it is the seller who is responsible for managing the prices, the time required and the appropriate places for the delivery of his products and services. The customer who does not receive the product or service in accordance with the publication on the platform, can contact the admin of the platform and his money will be refunded to him.


These conditions can be modified at any time if necessary.

 Mega Customer Center reserves the right to modify the clauses of these general conditions of use without notice and without justification.