A. “Product” section

1. The Client, buyer or Visitor

The first part of the platform is devoted to advertising the stores and shops of the various sellers of the products. Before being a seller, any visitor can visit the shop or online store, buy a product or give an opinion on the shop or on the status of its products, choose which product interests him to target where he will recover or obtain the purchased product.

The visitor becomes a customer when he makes a purchase of a product in the store on the platform; the purchase is made online and the collection of the purchased product is done either by local collection (collected at the place of the store) or in the region specified by the seller himself.
The search for the product on the platform is done either by choosing the category in which the product is located, or by typing the name of the product in the product search field to get the list of similar products existing on the platform. Once you find the product, you select it to see all the descriptions related to this product. You can also click on the name of the store to visit it.
By selecting the name of the store, you will see its location, the description of the stock in the about field, conditions relating to deliveries, etc. You can also contact the seller by writing a message or making the indirect order of the product.
When the customer decides to buy the product online, he puts it in the virtual basket to buy it at any time, he can buy it directly by choosing the buy button. In this case, he is redirected to his identification page. If he does not have an account, he must fill in the empty boxes and after, his buyer account is automatically created. Whoever has the account but is not logged in should go a bit up to click here to log in to log in before continuing with the purchase of the product. At this stage, the buyer must also clearly identify the means of delivery available for this product defined by the seller.
Then comes the choice of payment method. For this section the customer chooses, for the currency in BIF, between payment by Bank or by CashPay which is connected to AFRIPAY. For payment by Bank, he chooses the name of the Bank to find the account number on which he will put the money for the product. After payment, he communicates with the site administrator to validate his payment by sending a message and photo of the payment slip to to confirm the deposit.
Payment with cashpay is free. You choose AFRIPAY and then ECOCASH or AFRIPAY. With Ecokash, you are invited to enter your Ecokash number so that you can confirm your payment. It is the same for AFRIPAY, you connect to your AFRIPAY account, if you have one, then validate your payment.
For those who want to pay using the currency in US Dollars, the configuration is done before proceeding with the identification verification of the buyer, therefore just during the verification of the basket or before putting the product in the basket, by doing the choice of currency at the bottom of the home page in the button that indicates the currency to display for the prices of the products found on the platform. The one you choose is the one that the payment method will display when purchasing the product: AFRIPAY or VisaCard. For AFRIPAY the means will be MASTERCARD and for VisaCard, PayPal is used.

2. The Seller

a. Registration

To become a seller on mega customer center online, you must first have a buyer’s account. When you enter the dashboard of your buyer account, you find a button that offers you to become a seller. By accepting the choice you have a page where you will put all the details relating to you and your store. Once done, you will have a store manager page which includes all the features allowing the seller to configure all their sales and schedule deliveries for their products.

b. Create a store

Here the store to create is the one which site visitors will see the content by clicking on the name of your stock. The elements that make up this store configuration are:
– The products with all their identifications (names, prices, images, categories, choice of means of delivery, etc.)
– In the settings, put all the information related to the store, configure the means of delivery and all the privacy policies relating to the store
– etc

c. Publish Products

The publication of products is done one by one. In the product menu of the stock manager page, click on add a new product to complete the product identification form. Each time you finish putting all the information related to the product, you validate the publication by clicking on submit. At that time visitors can perceive it or even buy it. To add another product, you go once again to add a new product and you do the same thing as the first product. You continue until you complete all the products you have.
For each published product, you can update its information and publish it again.

B. Announcements Section

On Mega Customer Center, we have another form of commerce which is “Sale by Ads”. Sellers create an advertisement by briefly describing their products, goods and services that they sell. Some ads are published with reservation option, others are published without reservation option.

1. Listings with booking options

Some sellers, especially service sellers, prefer to use mega customer cecnter as a tool for booking their rental properties and services. You are the owner of movable or immovable equipment that you have rented; you have services to render such as cooking for events, appointments for consultations, air, land and sea transport as well as other services, you can advertise with reservation option on mega customer center for allow your customers to book your service online. Advertising these ads is free on mega customer center, so no subscription is required for distribution.

2. Listings without reservation option

Are ads that are published after purchase of the subscription package. On mega customer we have 3 types of subscriptions for Advertising:
– Weekly subscription: Subscription that lasts one week. All advertisements made with this subscription will take a duration of one week. It is up to the seller to renew it or not.
– Monthly subscription: If you buy this subscription, you have 30 days of advertising in unlimited numbers, and each advertisement expires after 30 days of visibility and you only have to renew it if necessary.
– Quarterly subscription: Subscription that lasts 3 months, Unlimited advertising.

C. Kaze booking

Kaze booking is another sub site of mega customer center whose domain name is On you will find hotel reservations. Hosting is open to all owners of hotels who find customers on mega customer center. The customer makes a search in the search window of the home page by typing the name of the place where he wants to stay, automatically displays the list of hotels located in the place of his search, and he chooses the hotel which suits him. He visits the online calendar to see available dates.

D. Membership

Affiliates to our platform are sellers who have e-commerce sites that seek customers or visitors of their products or services to their sites. An affiliate places a product or service as a sample on our platform along with a description. When the customer chooses to see the product or service, he finds himself on the platform of the seller who is the affiliate of mega customer center.